Chapter 832 – Divine Dragon Horse (Part 2)

Quivered in my heart, I didn’t find the light of dropping equipment, was it really so unlucky that no equipment dropped?

Advancing forward, I kicked off the body of BOSS, and sure enough, there was no equipment, only a bloody scene.

Han Yuan spurred his horse forward, said: “General, what are you looking for? This evil dragon is just a rotten corpse, could it leave you something?”

“It perhaps, just look for…”

“Oh, well, yes Sir…”

Han Yuan leaped down the horse and bare-handed looked for something in a pile of minced meat. I didn’t find anything, but a few seconds later, Han Yuan stood up carrying a round thing and smiled, “What’s this?”

Being covered by blood, no one could figure it out.

Xiao Li stepped forward and, from horseback, he took off the water bag, in which was the alcohol taken from Tian Ling City. Sprinkled the alcohol on the round thing, it was washed clean in an instant. It was a rolling egg, and after being washed with the alcohol, it shone the light of the flame. It wasn’t an ordinary thing at first sight. I was overjoyed, would the dream come true?!

I took the egg from Han Yuan and swept it with my hands, then the properties of the egg emerged. It was a top tier mount’s pet egg. My eyes were opened wide and thought that I paid dirt this time!

【Divine Dragon Horse】(Deity Tier BOSS Mount)

Power: +510

Strength: +508

Agility: +505

Stamina: +500

Attack Power Increase: +150%

Defense Increase: +200%

Movement Increase: +620%

Max HP increase: +30000

Features: Dragon Emperor Blood, greatly improve the user’s Attack Power and HP recovery speed

Features: Beast Emperor, overwhelming 40% property of mount of targets

Mount Durability: +110%

Mount Stamina: 400 points

Recovery rate: 2 points/min

Level: 150


I immediately signed the contract. After a moment, the egg suddenly cracked and then a strong red horse appeared. It was wrapped in dragon scales with flame luster. The Divine Dragon Horse’s head was no longer like a dragon, but a warhorse instead. It shone lights and had the imposing manner of God-Tier Mount. Couldn’t Deity Tier Mount also be considered as a kind of God-Tier Mount?

After replacing the Steel Blade Mount, I rode the Divine Dragon Horse which affected my temperament in some way, as if I’ve replaced my Xiali car to a Porsche and suddenly became a handsome tall man from a decent family…

As for the attribute, it had also exploded.

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 (Guardian Dragon General)

Level: 152

Defense: 12303

Health Points: 113865

Magic Points: 19840

Charm: 833

CBN ranking: 6

Tut, this attribute was enough to make other Knights from [Flying Dragon] burst into tears. Especially its Defense and HP were superior to other professional players in the same classes, as only a few tanky Knights could get an HP of 113865 points. What was the most important technique in PK? To kept alive! If you couldn’t do so, you would be defeated no matter how strong you were.

What’s more, compared with the Steel Blade Mount, the defense and movement speed increase of the Divine Dragon Horse were much higher. I grabbed the reins of the dragon horse and gently pushed it. Then I rushed out dozens of meters in an instant, which almost made me fall down. It scared me and left me a cold sweat on my whole body. It seemed that I had to be familiar with the speed of the new mount, otherwise, I would be put into a state of disadvantage in PK. The Divine Dragon Horse had high HP and fast speed, and if I wanted to chase opponents or escape, not many could compete with me in a short period. Especially in the battle for a Country Weapon, as long as I got a Country Weapon, no one can catch up with me…

Han Yuan smiled and said, “Congratulations to the General for obtaining the divine mount!”

I nodded and said with a smile, “Thank you, guys!”

Xiao Li said, “General, in order to kill this group of damn fire dragon beasts, we have already lost a lot of soldiers. What should we do now? Shall we return to the camp and send more soldiers to fight?”

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