Chapter 833 – Spy Upon Blood Scythes’ HQ At Night (Part 2)

Feeling somewhat embarrassed, I lifted her face and kissed her lips for a long time, until Lin Wan Er flushed and pushed me away, I let her go then. At that moment, Wan Er became shy and the twin peaks in her breast rippled gently. Finding I was watching her breast, her face went redder, then she said, “Well, that’s enough, my cousin sister is also here today, it’s too late now, you can go back to sleep, don’t think too much…”

I hugged her and said, “Well, then I will go.”

“All right.”

After Lin Wan Er sent me out, my phone rang just as I walked into my room. It was Shen Bing’s call. Answering the phone, her unique enchanting voice came, “Hey, you keep me so long. Let’s talk, is the woman sleeping next to you Lin Wan Er?”

Speechless, I replied, “Sister Shen Bing, what are you thinking about all day? Well, to be serious, you couldn’t give me a phone call if you have no purpose, just say it.”

Smiled slightly, Shen Bing said seriously, “Well, get to the point. Just ten minutes ago, I captured the signal to decode the Oracle system. Its location has been locked, just in the building of Sheng Lin Media. Besides, I also got a call from the director of Tian Xi Corporation weapons department, he said they also found the signal. Although it only appeared in a flash, it’s true that someone was trying to decipher Oracle’s self-defense system, and once they decode the system, the Oracle, whose R&D value exceeded hundreds of billions, will no longer belong to China alone.”

I was shocked, “Sister Shen Bing, you mean that you want me to sneak into the Sheng Lin Media to find what on earth is there?”

Shen Bing said, “Yes, that’s also Captain Wang means. Can you go and take a look at night? There must be some places in the Sheng Lin Media you haven’t known, have you? ”

“Yes, 12th floor, I’m just a clerk in the mail room. Don’t have access to the 12th floor.”

“Hee hee, it is easy to handle. Now there should be no workers in the company. You can take the chance to have a look at night. Travel light and this is an emergent mission designated by Captain Wang.”

I sighed, “My life is really hard. A month’s salary is not more than ten thousand yuan. But I have to work at midnight. What do I struggle for?”

Shen Bing smiled and said: “You little brat, get a lot of lip. Hurry up, be careful!”



I went to the window, opened my password box, took out a black suit, and then put a pistol in my trouser pocket. It wasn’t necessary to take Xiao Hei that was too long. At last, I chose an Electric Arc Sword and put it in my arms. When I opened the window, the cold wind outside quickly poured in, which made me suddenly have a shudder. I jumped out of the window, fell down from the second floor, circulated the Qi in my body and had a near-silent landing. Then I rushed on the grass with a lower sound than before, which even made me a little proud. Recently, my skills to use Qi got better and better!

I went directly to the Sheng Lin Media by taxi and stopped at the street, looking around. I didn’t enter through the front gate because there had a camera. Instead, I jumped over the wall and walked to the main building of the company. It’s impossible to go up by the stair or elevator without leaving no records. What’s more, I didn’t want to startle the snake (a Chinese proverb, its meaning is to arouse enemies’ suspicion). Therefore, I grabbed the pipe against the building and circulated Qi between my palms. As if the airflow around me became a pair of wings, which greatly reduced my weight. If Tang Qi saw this scene, he would be amazed and admire me.

When I climbed to the 12th floor, I took a deep breath and pulled out the Electric Arc Sword, using it to pry off the edge of glass over a window, which was locked from the inside. “Crack”, there appeared a small gap. Closing my eyes, I drove an airflow with fingers into the window. It was a kind of small magical techniques of Qi practitioners, which was similar to the skill of Tang Qi’s performance of controlling copper coins in the air. In an instant, the handle of the window slowly turned, and then I carefully opened the window and jumped in the building.

I looked up around. There were three cameras in the corridor, but all they could be evaded by passing through dead angles. After I leaped over the corridor close to the ceiling, I had already reached the door of the Technology Section in 12F. There was a start button outside the door. I pressed it and immediately said in an extra low voice, “Started, give me the password!”

Through the micro earpiece in my ear rose Shen Bing’s sound, “Give me 10 seconds, this is an 8-bit dynamic password that will change every 30 seconds!”


After a few seconds, Shen Bing said, “34772112, be careful!”

I entered the password quickly. As expected, the electronic door clicked and opened. Shen Bing was surely an expert in the computer realm. On the 12th floor of the Sheng Lin Media, people who were deciphering the Oracle system didn’t expect that their own system had been intruded by Shen Bing.

Trying not to make any sound, I slowly pushed the door open and carefully ran down the hall. There were rows of computers and some resumes and profiles of actors who came for audition were placed beside them. What’s more, there was only one camera. Confirmed! Here was the formal Technology Section of the Sheng Lin Media, rather than the place to decipher the Oracle system.

Shen Bing’s sound rose again in his ear, “How does it go? Have you seen it? Try not to fight if possible. You’re alone, and don’t have any heavy weapon!”

Shen Bing was worrying about that I would encounter Artificials. If it was true that Blood Scythes was decoding the Oracle under the shielding of the Sheng Lin Media, then they were likely to send Artificials to guard. Slowly and stealthily, I avoided the range of the CCTV and went round to the end of the Technology Section, only found that it was an office hanging a plate of “General Manager”.

I frowned and lowered my voice, said, “Inside is the Technology Section, no suspicious computer is found, but at the end of the technical section is another office, “General Manager Office”, on it…”

Raising my head and took a look at the lock of the manager room, I said with my heart quivered, “The lock needs double verification through the iris scan plus password input, what next to do, my iris is definitely unmatched!”

“Damn it!” Shen Bing became slightly angry and spoke bad words.

At that moment, sudden footstep sound approached from inside. I hurried back a few steps and bent myself, hiding behind a curtain wall. I only saw a young man with short hair came out and holding a cup of noodles, he complained, “Motherfucker, even a hot meal is unavailable now, I just wonder what Mr. Sun wants to do.”

I saw it clearly that countless flashes of infrared rays swept across the aisle when the door was opened. The security system inside was so cruel!

Shen Bing whispered in the earphone, “Well, we have basically locked the location of Blood Scythes’ secret technology base. You have to leave now and don’t leave any clues, we will send someone to handle these people. ”

I nodded, said nothing. Then I turned and went out. Closing the window, I went downstairs against the wall side. Silently, nothing seemed happened.


Standing on the street side, I took off the mask and took a deep breath. Blood Scythes was such really a group of the desperado. It could be that Wei Fan dares to do anything for the money.

Chapter 833 - Spy Upon Blood Scythes’ HQ At Night (Part 1)
Chapter 834 - Where Is Dong Cheng Yue (Part 1)

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