Chapter 834 – Where Is Dong Cheng Yue (Part 1)

The next morning, I got up on time, driving my A4 with two MM (girls) to go to work. After the  Spring Festival holiday, Sheng Lin Media was still running as usual. There was not much to do in the morning, I just wandered in the company and delivered the items for various departments. At noon, Dong Cheng Lei drove a Rolls-Royce Phantom to the company to send the scrumptious lunch to Dong Cheng Yue, so that all girls in the company were green with envy, feeling that Dong Cheng Yue was so fortunate that she had such a rich and handsome boyfriend. But when they knew that it was her brother, they became more excited. Having such a brother was the dream of every girl. Seizing the chance, Lin Wan Er and I also feasted our mouth, the hot dishes sent by Dong Cheng Lei were cooked by the famous chefs of Hangzhou. Thinking it over, although Dong Cheng Lei was innocent, he treated his sister very well.


In the afternoon, when I sent a batch of information pack to the Personnel Section, I found Dong Cheng Yue was chatting with a bald old man at the office door. She greeted me when she saw me and pulled my arm, saying with a smile, “Xiao Yao, let me introduce to you. This is Sun Hong, the general manager of the technical section of Sheng Lin Media. He is also an important partner of our company. In addition, Uncle Sun is a good friend of my Dad. It is said that he joined my full-month celebration…”

I couldn’t help but smile and stepped forward, “Hello, Mr. Sun!”

Sun Hong smiled and nodded, then he said, “You are Brother Xiao Yao that Xiao Yue always refers, haha, you look really handsome, I never thought you can work together in a company, nice to meet you!”

I said ably, “Well, then you talk, I will excuse myself for my work.”

“Okay!” Original Translation from WWW。wangmamaread。com

Pushing the cart in the hallway, I felt very upset. Was Sun Hong the general manager on the 12th floor? And the building behind the general manager’s office must be the secret technology base of Blood Scythes, so Sun Hong was bound to be involved. Did he have something to do with the people of Blood Scythes? Whether I should remind Dong Cheng Yue to be careful? This matter turned out to be tricky…

No, I must protect Dong Cheng Yue.

“Li Xiao Yao!”

In the distance, a director of the department poked his head, “Was the information pack already? Give it to me now, up!”

I nodded hastily, “Okay, I’m coming!”

After delivering the information pack, I hurriedly pushed the cart back and entered the Personnel Section, but Dong Cheng Yue had disappeared. At that moment, I was appalled, asking a staff, “Where’s Dong Cheng Yue?”

That girl blinked, “She? Oh… Dong Cheng Yue went with Mr. Sun to the 12th floor, to taste the tea that Sun Zong brews!”

Getting a little flustered, I took out my cell phone quickly and called Dong Cheng Yue, but I was notified that the call couldn’t connect.

Couldn’t get through?

In an instant, I remembered that there must have devices that blocked the cellular signal in the Blood Scythes base on the 12th floor. So I put the cart aside and went upstairs immediately.


When I pushed the door open, a security guard had already looked at me and said, “Li Xiao Yao, the 12th floor is the Technical Section. You don’t have permission to come in. Go out quickly!”

I asked, “Has Dong Cheng Yue come here?”

“Yes, she went in just now.”

“Could you get her for me, please?”

“Oh……” Original Translation from WWW。wangmamaread。com

The security guard looked at me with a smile and said, “You lad… Hey, do you like her?”

I felt disgusted and urged him, “Hurry up, call her over here, thank you……”


Seeing my expression not well, the security guard felt disappointed but had to go away. After a while, he came out and spread out his hands, “Dong Cheng Yue is not on the 12th floor. She has gone downstairs.”

“Downstairs?” I was astonished, “There is only one elevator here. How could she go downstairs?”

“I don’t know, anyway, the people in the Technical Section said so.”

I was burning with anxiety and had an ominous presentiment, so I stepped directly into the Technical Section. The security guard wanted to stop me, but he was pushed back and hit the wall heavily. He grunted and shouted in the intercom, “Up fast, Li Xiao Yao, this bastard turns crazy!”

I rushed straight to the general manager’s office at fast speed. I suddenly opened the door and found several strong men coming out of the office. One man with the crewcut smiled and said, “Hey, what do you want to play?”

I didn’t speak but walked forward to knee him. My fist with a storm formed by Qi (Qi, in traditional Chinese culture, is an active principle forming part of any living thing) swept through these five people and then all they immediately fell to the ground. There were no Artificials because the Artificials wouldn’t take actions during the day or in crowded places.

I entered the manager’s office and, sure enough, there were rows of computers in the distance, which were analyzing the pictures I could not understand. But according to its advanced degree I knew it must be decoding Oracle, . But where was Dong Cheng Yue?

“Li Xiao Yao!?”

In the direction of the general manager’s desk, Sun Hong came out and shouted in a low voice, “What are you doing?”

I sneered, “Where is Dong Cheng Yue? Don’t tell me you don’t know it.”

Sun Hong quirked up the corners of his mouth, “I really don’t know where she went. After drinking a cup of tea here, Dong Cheng Yue went down by the elevator in Building C. Don’t you see her?”

Building C?

Chapter 833 - Spy Upon Blood Scythes’ HQ At Night (Part 2)
Chapter 834 - Where Is Dong Cheng Yue (Part 2)

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