Chapter 834 – Where Is Dong Cheng Yue (Part 2)

Suddenly, I realized that another building was behind the manager’s office, becoming nervous with worry. But after I swept around the room, finding that no one could hide here at all. Except for the computer was a bathroom, so I rushed to it and kicked open the door. No one was here. At the end of the corridor was an elevator, that was the legendary elevator to Building C, an elevator that even me, a staff of this company, didn’t know. God knew where Dong Cheng Yue was sent.

Looking at the Sun Hong’s well-thought-out look, I knew I couldn’t get any information from him. So I immediately turned downstairs and went to Lin Wan Er. Dong Cheng Yue was already in trouble, I must ensure the safety of Lin Wan Er.

As a result, no sooner had I walked out of the elevator than Lin Wan Er also came toward me. She said with panic, “Don’t tell me that Dong Cheng has been in trouble!”

I turned pale with fright, “Something happened, how do you know it?!”

Lin Wan Er took out her cell phone and said, “A few minutes ago, Dong Cheng sent me a file, in which was messy codes. I couldn’t get through her phone call. The file size is more than 10M. I don’t know what it is. What’s going on?”

Feeling pain in my heart, I said, “Dong Cheng Yue may have touched the computer that should not be touched, and she must have found something.”

Immediately, I took out the phone and dialed the number of Wang Xin. After the connection, he asked, “Li Xiao Yao, what’s wrong?”

I was in a perplexed mood and said, “Dong Cheng Yue went to the 12th floor. It seems that she has looked through Sun Hong’s computer. She must have found Oracle’s documents, so something went wrong. Captain Wang, please quickly cordon all traffic around Shenglin Company. Be sure to find Dong Cheng Yue and ensure her safety. Please send someone over, send all at the base over!”

Knowing that I was thrown into confusion, Wang Xin said to me, “Calm down, I will arrange people to cordon the traffic right now. You send the document sent by Dong Cheng Yue to Shen Bing.”

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After hanging up, I immediately sent the file to Shen Bing with Lin Wan Er’s mobile phone, then I ran downstairs in a hurry and asked two people of the Guardian base to protect Lin Wan Er heavily. Meanwhile, I went out of the company and rushed to the street. Checking the suspicious vehicles around, but where I could find Dong Cheng Yue under heavy traffic flow?

Dialing the phone of Dong Cheng Yue again and again, but the only message I could get was “Power Off”. This time, I was totally in a panic.

Before long, the car of Guardian base came, and a large number of armed soldiers with live ammunition, under the leadership of Wang Xin, went upstairs. Besides, the West Lake Precinct also began to cordon traffic and inquire about all passing vehicles. About 15 minutes later, I realized it was too late. It was not the peak of traffic, the car carrying Dong Cheng Yue must have left our blockade area.

Returning to the company again, going up to the 12th floor, putting my badge on, I saw Sun Hong looking at me with a sneer, “Li Xiao Yao… are you a policeman?”

I nodded, “Where is Dongcheng Yue?”

Sun Hong laughed happily, “I don’t know. Maybe she has gone back home?”

Wang Xin snorted, “Sun Hong, hope you can cooperate with us.”

Sun Hong kept smiling, “Cooperate for what? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Captain Wang, we have known each other for many years, but you should treat me in this way. Be careful that our Sheng Lin Media prosecute you!”

Wang Xin turned impatient, “If you want to charge me, just do it. Don’t think that I could do nothing to you after destroying all documents here. I tell you, Sun Hong, that I would hang out all the dirty things you have done with the Blood Scythes one day.”

At this moment, Shen Bing came over and said, “The file has been locked, but I have already decoded it. It is the shortcode of deciphering Oracle program, which has already reached 74%.”

When speaking, Shen Bing walked to Sun Hong, smiling, “Do you think that you have been safe after destroying all documents? Only if the 10M-file is in my hand, I could restore the source files. You can’t bear the result and would spend your rest life in prison!”

At last, Sun Hong couldn’t keep sitting calmly and said, twitching the corners of his mouth, “Unless you don’t want to save Dong Cheng Yue, otherwise, they would find ways to save me. Just wait and see.”

I stepped forward and punched him in the stomach, making him bellow in pain. I looked at Sun Hong coldly and said, “If Dong Cheng Yue is hurt even a hair, I will let you regret coming to this world!”

…… Original Translation from WWW。wangmamaread。com

Up and down, they searched for Dong Cheng Yue in the whole building but still didn’t find her. It could be confirmed that she had been transferred out.

Dong Cheng Feng and Dong Cheng Lei arrived successively at the scene. Soon after, even Lin Tian Nan and Lin Feng came here, too, who were relaxed after seeing Lin Wan Er safe and sound. But Dong Cheng Feng’s eyes turned blood-red. Only Dong Cheng Feng knew how much he loved his daughter. After he knew Dong Cheng Yue had an accident, his heart was torn with anxiety.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, finally, a message appeared on Lin Wan Er’s cell phone, which was from the Dong Cheng Yue’s phone, saying, “If you want to save Dong Cheng Yue, at 11 P.M., take the documents she sent you to No. 7 Blue Water Street, where someone would give her back. Don’t bring the police, otherwise, you can only receive a part of this pretty girl. Even if you do so, they would also be killed in vain!”


Looking at the text message on the phone, Dong Cheng Feng mourned and almost fainted.

Chapter 834 - Where Is Dong Cheng Yue (Part 1)
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